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Title Duplicate

Title - the meta title of the page. Typically, it is used as the snippet title (a short description of a site in search results).

Also, the meta title is displayed in the browser tab so that the user can quickly find the desired page.

A Title must be present on every page of the site and located inside the <head> </head> tag.

An example of writing a Title in HTML code:

Title Duplicate

Why are unique titles important for SEO?

Search engines attach great importance to this meta tag because it conveys the most important information about the page's content. Errors in Title optimization will prevent the page from reaching the TOP of search results.

Meta titles should be unique, optimized for a specific page. If the search engine finds the same Title on several pages, it may consider that their information is duplicated. This can result in the following negative consequences:

  • either the site is penalized for the presence of duplicates of little use,
  • or the page that was specially optimized for the query and could bring high sales is not selected for display in the search results.

In any case, the same Title will be a negative factor for page ranking.

Content of the "Duplicate Title" report

Duplicate Title

The report shows the presence of the same meta-titles on the site pages:

  1. 1. Duplicate Title (found on more than one page of the site).
  2. 2. The number of duplicates.
  3. 3. When you click on the "Show" button in the "Action" column, a list of all pages with this Title will open.

Using the report

Find duplicate Title pages and make unique meta titles for each page. Also, check if the rest of the content is duplicated on pages with the same Title.

Best Practices for Creating Unique Meta Titles

  • The Title should be short and descriptive, reflecting the main point of the page.
  • Adding keywords to the meta heading by which the page is being promoted will show users and search engines that it is relevant to (i.e. matches) the given query.
  • The inclusion in the Title of words that encourage targeted action and emphasize the commercial orientation of the page (buy, order, price, name of the city where you sell the product, etc.) will help attract the attention of users.
  • To avoid duplication of meta-titles on product variations, it is recommended to add unique parameters to the product name: price, color, SKU, etc.

If the number of products is large, you can configure the automatic generation of the Title using special plugins for your CMS. This will allow you to create meta titles for all pages quickly.

However, it does not guarantee their uniqueness and the ability to change individual Titles if necessary (for example, if other keywords are added to the page). Therefore, for auto-generation, you should choose a plugin that allows manual editing of meta-titles.