18 November 2020

About Company


In 2005 we were running a highly successful European SEO agency that was constantly expanding and therefore needing to outsource more and more of our day to day manual SEO tasks.

As you can imagine, this is not ideal in terms of quality control nor profits. When you own a growing agency outsourcing lots of your SEO tasks, it becomes very hard to control the quality of the SEO work you are outsourcing. Thus, we started looking for software that we could use to forgo the need for outsourcing manual SEO tasks.

At that time, there weren't any start-to-finish SEO tools available that fulfilled all the SEO needs of our clients and the day to day management of their online portfolios, and as the software available was not fit for our needs nor our clients, we decided to create an all-in-one SEO that could.

Thus, in 2015 Labrika was born.

Labrika in 2020:

As a bootstrapped company, up until 2020, we have relied and grown our business solely on word of mouth and delivering consistent results. Fortunately for us, due to a large increase in users this year, we decided to expand our reach further into the US, UK, CA, and European markets by reinvesting our hard earned bootstrapped profits so that our product can help more SEO’s streamline their processes and increase their results.

Based on Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 currently; we are set to hit nearly 50K users. None of this would have been possible without all of our team members consistent innovation, hard work and most importantly, our ever growing satisfied customer base choosing to use Labrika month in and month out.


Our mission is simple; to provide you with the best SEO software on the market.


  • Nearly 50,000 users from more than 30 different countries.
  • 320,000,000 pages processed so far this year – with over 1,000,000 pages processed by our AI algorithm every single day for our users.
  • 12,000,000 keywords processed and counting.

Our team

Labrika is fortunate enough to have acquired an extremely talented team from all over the world. We have employees from the UK, US, CA, Europe and will be hiring in Spain and France in the coming months.
We are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you have what it takes to work at a fast paced SaaS company that prides itself on customer service and innovation then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see if you are a good fit.

Accepted Forms of Payments

We accept Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, 2Checkout.

Our roadmap:


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Full SEO Audit

  • Probable Affiliates Check;
  • Text Quality Optimization Test;
  • Check for Plagiarism (unoriginal texts);
  • Snippets in Google;
  • Number of internal links to landing pages;
  • Number of duplicate links on the page;
  • Links to other sites;
  • Over-spamming in the text;
  • Over-spamming in META tags and H1 (+3 factors);
  • Excessive use of bold type;
  • Multiple use of the same word in the sentence;
  • Multiple use of bigrams in the text and META tags;
  • Multiple use of trigrams in the text and META tags;
  • Excessive use of headers;
  • Skinny pages (with small text);
  • Pages without outgoing internal links;
  • Check landing page relevance;
  • Pages closed from indexing;
  • TITLE = H1;
  • H1 = H2, H3, H4;
  • TITLE duplicates;
  • DESCRIPTION duplicates;
  • Not filled TITLE, DESCRIPTION (+2);
  • Number of indexed pages in Google (+2);
  • Pages closed from indexing in Robots, noindex, nofollow, rel = canonical (+4);
  • Landing pages in the sitemap.xml;
  • Non-indexed landing pages;
  • Landing pages URLs history;
  • Adult content;
  • Swear words and profanity.


  • Export your reports to XLS;
  • Import your key phrases, cluster analysis and landing pages url’s from CSV format;
  • Printed version of the site audit in DOCX;
  • Guest access to audit;
  • Generate sitemap.xml with duplicate pages and pages closed from indexing;
  • Labrika highlights texts that are used for snippets.

Technical audit

  • Errors 403, 404;
  • Errors 500, 503, 504;
  • Not Responding pages;
  • Critical HTML errors
  • W3C HTML Validator;
  • Multiple redirects;
  • Lost images;
  • Lost JS;
  • Lost CSS;
  • Lost files;
  • Multiple TITLE tags;
  • Multiple DESCRIPTION tags;
  • Multiple KEYWORDS tags;
  • Multiple H1 tags;
  • Pages with rel = "canonical";
  • Common Duplicate Content Issues: www. vs non-www. and http vs https versions of URLs;
  • Correct 404 status code header;
  • Duplicate pages;
  • Mobile HTML optimization;
  • HTML size optimization;
  • Page speed time;
  • Large pages;
  • 3 types of Sitemap.xml errors (+3);
  • 26 types of Robots.txt errors (+26);
  • Tag Length: TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 (+3);
  • SSL Certificate Checker (+7);
  • Check if the Domain or IP is Blacklisted;
  • Pages with program's error messages;
  • Check a website response from User-agent;
  • Test the availability of your website from locations worldwide;
  • Test the website for Cloaking;
  • Test if some search engine is blocked by the website;
  • Check a website response from mobile.

Recommendations for text optimization

  • Keyword clustering;
  • Check landing page relevance;
  • Find correct landing page;
  • Find the optimal level of the page;
  • Recommendations for text optimization;
  • Optimal text length;
  • Keyword in the main text (+2);
  • Keyword in TITLE (+2);
  • Keyword in DESCRIPTION (+2);
  • Keyword in H1 (+2);
  • Latent semantics (LSI) on the page;
  • Number of relevant pages on the site;
  • TF-IDF calculation for text in BODY, TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 (+4);
  • Estimate the level of the page optimization.

Keyword characteristics

  • Number of main pages in TOP10;
  • A list of relevant landing pages;
  • Recommended keyword depth;
  • Latent semantics (LSI).

User metrics

  • Google Analytics;
  • Drawing charts;
  • % of Bounce Rates;
  • View depth of the site;
  • Average session time;
  • Number of visitors;
  • Mobile devices: traffic, bounce rates, visit time (+4);
  • Visits from sources with traffic and bounce rates (+2);
  • Information on the pages with traffic and level of bounce rates (+2);
  • Visits from cities with traffic and bounce rates (+2);
  • Visits from search engines with traffic and bounce rates (+2);
  • Key phrases with bounce rates and traffic from search results (+2);
  • List of all search requests that people used to find your site for one-year period;
  • Pages without traffic.

Analysis of competitors' websites

  • List of competitors;
  • Snippets of competitors;
  • Labrika generates recommendations for texts based on the analysis of competitors' websites and Machine Learning algorithm;

Check your search rankings

  • Site positions in Google around the world (+1);
  • All Locations & Languages;
  • Country, city or region levels;
  • More than 100k locations;
  • High-precision analysis;
  • Check search positions in several regions at the same time;
  • Monitor the dynamics of search rankings (+1);
  • Available position archive;
  • Download position lists in XLS format for selected period;
  • Desktop and mobile rankings;
  • Top 50, 100 or 200 results.

Domain information

  • Domain Age;
  • Domain payment plan expiration date;
  • Website hosting;
  • Hosting region;
  • IP of the site;
  • The number of sites with the same IP;
  • NS Records;
  • Favicon.


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