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Labrika analyzes the site and competitors by 152 factors and together with machine learning gives recommendations on how to increase traffic and reduce customer loss.

Why choose us?

Labrika saves 25-30% of the working time
It doesn’t require qualification
Costs less than 1% of promotion costs
There are printable versions
Monitor search ranking and search factor changes
Labrika shows recommendations, importance and description


Keyword Characteristics
(10 factors)
Check your
Search Positions
Behavioral factors
(17 factors)
Promotion Tools
(9 tools)
(40 web ranking factors)
General characteristics of the site
(16 factors)
Technical audit
(37 factors)
Recommendations for text optimization
(22 factors)


Keyword Characteristics
(11 factors)
  • Frequency;
  • The exact frequency;
  • Geo-dependence;
  • Commercial / information request;
  • The difficulty of site promotion;
  • Probability of promotion in TOP10;
  • Number of main pages in TOP10;
  • A list of relevant landing pages;
  • Recommended keyword depth;
  • Latent semantics (LSI);
Check your Search Positions
  • Site positions in Google around the world;
  • High-precision analysis;
  • Check search positions in several regions at the same time;
  • Set up specific date and get your search positions right on time;
  • Visibility calculation;
  • Monitor the dynamics of search rankings;
  • Available position archive;
  • Download position lists in XLS format for selected period;
Behavioral factors
(17 factors)
  • Google Analytics;
  • Drawing charts;
  • % of Bounce Rates;
  • View depth of the site;
  • Average session time;
  • Number of visitors;
  • Mobile devices: traffic, bounce rates, visit time (+4);
  • Information on the pages with traffic and level of bounce rates (+2);
  • Visits from cities with traffic and bounce rates (+2);
  • Visits from search engines with traffic and bounce rates (+2);
  • Key phrases with bounce rates and traffic from search results (+2);
  • List of all search requests that people used to find your site for one-year period;
Promotion Tools
(9 tools)
  • Export your reports to XLS;
  • Import your key phrases, cluster analysis and landing pages url’s from CSV format;
  • Printed version of the site audit in DOCX;
  • Guest access to audit;
  • Generate sitemap.xml with duplicate pages and pages closed from indexing;
  • Use the dictionary to select keywords;
  • Collect all potential keywords from competitors’ sites;
  • Quick keyword filtering;
  • Labrika highlights texts that are used for snippets;
(40 web ranking factors)
  • Probable Affiliates Check;
  • Text Quality Optimization Test;
  • Check for city phone and address;
  • Check for Plagiarism (unoriginal texts);
  • Snippets in Google;
  • Number of internal links to landing pages;
  • Number of duplicate links on the page;
  • Links to other sites;
  • Over-spamming in the text;
  • Over-spamming in META tags and H1 (+3 factors);
  • Excessive use of bold type;
  • Multiple use of the same word in the sentence;
  • Multiple use of bigrams and trigrams in the text and META tags;
  • Multiple use of the same word in the anchor links;
  • Skinny pages (with small text);
  • Pages without outgoing internal links;
  • Search requests compliance with landing pages;
  • Page Rank (PR) analysis;
  • Pages closed from indexing;
  • NAME = H1;
  • H1 = H2, H3, H4;
  • TITLE duplicates;
  • DESCRIPTION duplicates;
  • Not filled NAME, DESCRIPTION (+2);
  • Number of indexed pages in Google (+2);
  • Pages closed from indexing in Robots, noindex, nofollow, rel = canonical (+4);
  • Landing pages in the sitemap.xml;
  • Text quality test;
  • Page front-end quality test;
  • Search for hidden text on the page;
General characteristics of the site
(16 factors)
  • Domain Age;
  • Domain payment plan expiration date;
  • Website hosting;
  • Hosting region;
  • IP of the site;
  • The number of sites with the same IP;
  • NS Records;
  • Google Analitycs counter;
  • Google Maps on the site;
  • Favicon;
Technical audit
(37 factors)
  • HTML errors;
  • Errors 403, 404;
  • Errors 500, 503, 504;
  • Unclosed HTML tags;
  • Multiple redirects;
  • Lost images;
  • Lost JS;
  • Lost CSS;
  • Multiple TITLE tags;
  • Multiple DESCRIPTION tags;
  • Multiple KEYWORDS tags;
  • Multiple H1 tags;
  • Tags in headers;
  • Pages with rel = "canonical";
  • Domain Bonding;
  • Correct 404;
  • Duplicate pages;
  • Mobile HTML optimization;
  • HTML size optimization;
  • Page speed time;
  • Large pages;
  • 3 types of Sitemap.xml errors (+3);
  • 10 types of Robots.txt errors (+10);
  • Tag Length: TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 (+3);
Recommendations for text optimization
(22 factors)
  • Keyword clustering;
  • Find correct landing page;
  • Find the optimal level of the page;
  • Recommendations for text optimization;
  • Optimal text length;
  • Commercial or informational text;
  • Keyword in the main text (+2);
  • Keyword in TITLE (+2);
  • Keyword in DESCRIPTION (+2);
  • Keyword in H1 (+2);
  • Geo modifiers in the text;
  • Latent semantics (LSI) on the page;
  • Number of relevant pages on the site;
  • Okapi BM25 calculation for text in BODY, TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 (+4);
  • Estimate the level of the page optimization;

Who needs Labrika?

Labrika saves 20-30% of the working time at a price of 0.2-0.5% of the promotion cost. It means that you can increase your profit by 15-20% and, therefore, each of your specialists can do more work.

SEO-agencies and SEO specialists

Labrika saves 20-30% of the working time at a price of 0.2-0.5% of the promotion cost. It means that you can increase your profit by 15-20% and, therefore, each of your specialists can do more work. The SEO specialists can receive higher bonuses for their work.

Site owners

Monitor search ranking and search factor changes. Make sure that your search engines optimizer made no serious mistakes that could hinder web promotion of the site. If you prefer to promote your site by yourself you can follow detailed instructions.


Earn more money with less time. Labrika will do all the hard work. Those freelancers who already work with us note that Labrika helped them to promote more complex projects and to become more efficient in their profession.


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Utilizing 152 official SEO requirements more efficiently, can improve a site's capture rate of free organic traffic by as much as 30% within 4 months

Analyze your TOP-10 competitors

The analysis of competitors will help you to find all necessary factors to become a leader in search ranking
  • The analysis of competitors will help you to find all necessary factors to become a leader in search ranking.
  • Labrika analyzing competitor’s content, use detailed recommendations and promote your site 4 times faster.
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Working plan

Use a step-by-step working plan for successful site promotion
  • You want to promote your site but do not know where to start?

    Each step in Labrika’s working plan correlates with promotion factors. The more the factor affects search rankings the more urgent this step will be.

  • Each working plan is customized for a specific site.
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Keyword cluster analysis

Labrika will select a particular landing page for each keyword individually
  • Use automatic keyword clustering or make manual adjustments and save hours of your working time.
  • Check if your keywords are on the correct landing pages. Cluster analysis will save you from tedious work.
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How do we select these 152 parameters?

These factors are listed in the Google official publications. Labrika project is based on thorough research made by top SEO analysts.

We regularly check this data on 100 thousand requests for Google individually.

We are constantly updating our list of ranking factors. These updates depend on Web interface development and regular changes of search engines’ algorithms.

Labrika has data on more than 40 000 sites and millions of competitors.

This information allows us to make accurate recommendations for your successful promotion.


  • The keyword analysis includes search ranking tracking, keyword clustering, defining landing pages, analyzing competitors' sites and recommendations for landing page optimization.
  • Page Analysis includes a full technical and SEO-audit.
  • You can get keyword positions, recommendations and competitor’s analysis from up to 10 different countries, regions or cities.
  • You can unsubscribe at any moment. Just contact our support team at
  • If your monthly plan is expired you can upgrade your plan at any time.
  • Couldn’t find a suitable plan? - Our pricing plan is 100 % flexible to suite your most unique marketing needs. Please contact us to discuss further details:

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