Effortlessly Manage Your SEO Projects with Labrika

Labrika is a convenient project management system designed to assist you in effortlessly managing your SEO projects.

With this platform, you can easily create, assign, and track tasks, communicate seamlessly with your team and clients, transfer files swiftly, and access SEO reports automatically. Additionally, Labrika's AI technology allows you to generate a project based on an analysis of your website. In this project, tasks are prioritized according to their impact on your website's ranking, and each task is accompanied by clear and concise instructions.


The Labrika project management system has many advantages that you will appreciate:

  • 🔐

    Access rights flexibility You can easily change access rights to tasks, depending on the project participants role.

  • 💬

    Easy communication You can easily communicate with your team and clients, thanks to task comments.

  • 📁

    Fast file transfer You can quickly transfer files, which will only be available to those who are assigned to the task.

  • Task status control You can accurately control the status of tasks, so you don’t miss any deadlines.

  • 🚀

    Real-time collaboration You can work with your team and clients on the same platform and see the changes and updates in real time.

  • 🛠

    Customizable workflows You can create and modify your own workflows to suit your project needs and preferences.

  • 📊

    SEO report access You can automatically access the SEO report when you assign a task to the executor (Labrika SEO Tools subscription required).

  • 😊

    AI-generated project Labrika’s AI can create a project for you based on your website analysis by Labrika SEO Tools. The tasks will be ranked by their impact on your website rank (!!! Labrika SEO Tools subscription required). These advantages will help you save on SEO analysts and speed up your SEO improvements, even if you’re an SEO newbie. Each task will have straightforward instructions on how to fix the problem.

Boost Traffic and Engagement Effortlessly

Imagine a project that could enhance your website's SEO, increase organic traffic, boost user engagement, and improve conversion rates, all without needing any SEO expertise on your part. This is exactly what Labrika’s Project Management tool provides. This tool swiftly creates a project based on an SEO analysis of your website. It provides a list of tasks to optimize your website's SEO, each accompanied by simple instructions. The tasks are ranked according to their impact on SEO, allowing you to focus on the most crucial ones first. Labrika Project Manager simplifies your SEO process, aiding in achieving superior results. You also have the option to delegate tasks to your team or freelancers who will only have access to pertinent reports. Their access will automatically terminate once they are deactivated or removed, enabling you to manage and secure your project effectively. Please be aware that a separate subscription to Labrika SEO Tools is necessary to generate a project since it is a distinct tool from Labrika Project Manager. Nonetheless, even without the automatic project generation feature, you can still utilize all the capabilities of this tool to manage your projects efficiently.

Streamlined Collaboration

  • Automatic access to Labrika’s SEO reports is granted when assigning a task to a team member, ensuring seamless collaboration.

  • Ability to add necessary work files to tasks, with access restricted to team members assigned to the task.

  • Comment feature for task clarification and questions.

  • Task statuses for tracking project progress.

  • Setting and tracking task deadlines.

  • Automatic removal of access to reports, tasks, and files upon removal of team members from the project.

Automated and Standardized Project Work

  • Instant project plan generation using our automatic project creation feature after conducting a site analysis with Labrika’s SEO tools.

  • Saving and using our custom project templates for standardized work processes.

  • Providing task descriptions and help links to give the executor all the necessary information to complete the task.

Get started today

To start using our project manager, follow a few simple steps:

  • Save time and effort with Labrika’s automated project generation

    Labrika can automatically create a project with a task list based on a comprehensive SEO analysis of your site. You can easily see what needs to be done to optimize your site and improve its performance and ranking.

  • Create and customize a new task

    You can add a new task to your project and specify the deadlines, select the group of tasks, importance, and complexity.

  • Add tags, participants, and description to the task

    You can add relevant tags to the task, so you can easily filter tasks by different criteria. You can also invite other participants to the project so they can see tasks, files, and comments and have access to the appropriate Labrika report. Additionally, you can enter a detailed description of the task.

  • Attach files and communicate with comments

    You can attach files to the task to share with your team. You can also use comments to communicate with your team and discuss the details of the task and get feedback.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the Labrika SEO project management system in one system and improve your work efficiency.

Why not try it now?

Our software is easy to use and can help you and your team to reach your SEO goals.