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Labrika's 230+ features: Features List
29 factors
SEO audit report
  1. List of competitors
  2. List of snippets in Google
  3. Matching title and description report
  4. Matching title and H1 report
  5. Matching description and H1 report
  6. Empty title and description checker
  7. Short description report
  8. Long description report
  9. Missing title report
  10. Missing description report
  11. Missing H1 report
  12. Duplicate title checker
  13. Duplicate description checker
  14. Duplicate content checker
  15. Report on pages blocked from indexing
  16. Keyword spamming in META tags
  17. Keyword spamming in headers
  18. Keyword spamming in description
  19. Report on overuse of headers
  20. Keyword spamming in content
  21. Report on overuse of bigrams in META tags and content
  22. Report on overuse of <strong> or <bold> tag
  23. Report on overuse of the same word in one sentence
  24. Thin content checker
  25. Plagiarism checker
  26. Non-indexed landing pages report
  27. History of landing pages' URLs
  28. Adult content checker
  29. Swear word/profanity checker
5 factors
Domain and hosting
  1. Domain age
  2. Domain expiry date
  3. NS Records
  4. Site IP
  5. Domain hosting location
3 factors
Crawler stats
  1. Search engine index checker
  2. Number of pages crawled by our crawler
  3. Number of indexed pages in Google
81 factors
Technical Audit
  1. Check website response using a user-agent
  2. List of all URL variants
  3. Worldwide website availability checker
  4. Cloaking checker
  5. Website availability checker for all search engines
  6. Redirect for mobile version
  7. 403, 404 error checker
  8. Broken link checker
  9. 500, 503, 504 error checker
  10. Unresponsive page checker
  11. Critical HTML error report
  12. Incorrect HTML doctype report
  13. List of <frame> type used
  14. Multiple title or description checker
  15. Lost image checker
  16. Lost JS checker
  17. Lost CSS checker
  18. Lost files checker
  19. Pages with a link in rel=canonical
  20. URL is different from rel=canonical list
  21. URL is the same as rel=canonical list
  22. List of pages with cross-domain canonicals
  23. Pages with multiple declarations of rel=canonical
  24. Pages with rel=canonical tags that point to non-existent pages
  25. The canonical URL is blocked from indexing by robots.txt
  26. Missing HTTP/HTTPS prefix in rel=canonical URL
  27. Pages with rel=canonical link in the <body> of the page
  28. Large page checker
  29. External images report
  30. External JS report
  31. External CSS report
  32. Redirect to subdomain checker
  33. Check for redirects to other domains
  34. Check for redirects inside the domain
  35. Multiple redirect checker
  36. List of all images
  37. Missing alt checker
  38. Missing title checker
  39. List of pages without unique images
  40. Mobile HTML optimization
  41. HTML doc size optimization
  42. Check if the Domain or IP is Blacklisted
  43. Mixed content checker
  44. Compromised links
  45. Pages with program error messages
  46. 404 response checker
  47. List of fixed www. and non-www
  48. Average page load time
  49. SSL Certificate Checker (+7):
    1. SSL certificate is used
    2. Valid until
    3. Self-signed certificate
    4. The domain is listed in the certificate
    5. SSL certificate is trusted
    6. 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
    7. Display port 443 shown in the URL
  1. 26 types of Robots.txt errors (+26):
    1. The directive must be separated from the rule by the ":" symbol
    2. Empty directive
    3. Empty rule
    4. There is no User-agent directive before the rule
    5. Using the form "User-agent: *"
    6. A directive was found that is not supported by the search engine
    7. The number of rules in the robots.txt file exceeds the maximum allowed
    8. Rule exceeds the allowed length
    9. Incorrect rule format
    10. Use of Unicode characters in URL
    11. An invalid character may have been used
    12. The rule does not start with a "/" or "*"
    13. Incorrect format of the "Crawl-delay" directive
    14. The line contains BOM (Byte Order Mark)
    15. Invalid Sitemap URL format
    16. Found multiple "Crawl-delay" directives
    17. Incorrect format of "Crawl-delay" value
    18. Incorrect format of the "Clean-param" directive
    19. Incorrect format of "Clean-param" directive. Must follow:"p0[&p1&p2&..&pn][path]"
    20. Incorrect format of "Clean-param" directive. Two or more "&" used in a row
    21. Incorrect format of "Clean-param" directive. Contains unauthorized characters
    22. Incorrect format. GET parameter names must begin and end with Latin letters/numbers
    23. Incorrect format of the PATH URL prefix for the "clean-param" directive
    24. The site domain name in robots.txt contains unauthorized characters
    25. Stream was not closed cleanly
    26. The "$" sign can be used once and only at the end of a rule
Competitors analysis
  1. Competitor's snippets
  2. Analysis of competitors' sites using 33 different commercial factors
  3. List of competitors
  4. Calculate the visibility of competitors
Print version
  1. Full audit in PDF and DOCX file
  2. Export any reports in XLSX
  3. White Label script to access reports on your website
44 factors
  1. List of pages in the sitemap that aren't available for indexing
  2. List of pages blocked from indexing but included in the sitemap.xml
  3. List of pages found that are indexable but not listed in the sitemap.xml
  4. Number of pages in the sitemap
  5. 40-point Sitemap validator:
    1. Invalid URL in sitemap index file
    2. Invalid URL
    3. Empty sitemap
    4. URLs not accessible
    5. Compression error
    6. Too many redirects
    7. Sitemap file size error
    8. Too many URLs in the sitemap
    9. Too many sitemaps in the sitemap index file
    10. Invalid date
    11. Invalid XML: too many tags
    12. URL links to another domain
    13. Invalid attribute value
    14. Unsupported format
    15. Path mismatch: Missing www (in dependent)
    16. Path mismatch: Includes www (in dependent)
    17. Incorrect namespace
    18. Invalid tag value
    19. Invalid URL in sitemap index file: incomplete URL
    20. Missing XML required attribute
    21. Missing XML required tag
    22. Missing thumbnail URL
    23. Missing video title
    24. Incorrect sitemap index format: Nested sitemap indexes
    25. Parsing error
    26. Thumbnail too large
    27. Thumbnail too small
    28. Video location and play page location are the same
    29. Video location URL appears to be a play page URL
    30. Relative link
    31. URL too long
    32. All pages inside the same sitemap have the same document modification time
    33. The site map does not contain a tag with the last document modification date
    34. There is no page refresh date or page refresh priority in the entire sitemap
    35. There is no refresh rate or indexing priority specified for the page
    36. Leading whitespace
    37. Sitemap URL redirects to another URL
    38. Invalid URL priority format
    39. URL not allowed
    40. All pages inside the same sitemap have the same priority
Keywords ranking
  1. Your site's Google position worldwide
  2. All locations & languages for keywords
  3. Keywords for country, city, or regional levels
  4. Keywords with over 100k locations being ranked for
  5. High-precision analysis of keyword ranking
  6. Search position checker for multiple regions
  7. Monitor search ranking changes
  8. Archive of keyword positions
  9. Download a list of keyword positions in .XLSX
  10. Keyword analysis for up to 10 regions
  11. Desktop and mobile rankings
  12. Top 50, 100, or 200 search engine results
22 factors
Content optimization and clustering
  1. Keyword clustering
  2. Check landing page relevance
  3. Find the correct landing page
  4. Optimal page depth report
  5. Text optimization recommendations
  6. Optimal text length report
  7. Title tag length recommendations
  8. Description tag length recommendations
  9. H1 length recommendations
  10. Text intent determiner
  11. Report on keyword use in the main text
  12. Report on keyword use in the title
  13. Report on keyword use in the description tag
  14. Report on keyword use in H1
  15. On-page latent semantics (LSI) report
  16. Number of relevant pages on the site
  17. TF-IDF calculation for the body text
  18. TF-IDF calculation for title text
  19. TF-IDF calculation for description text
  20. TF-IDF calculation for H1 text
  21. Page optimization level
  22. Landing pages in the sitemap.xml
18 factors
User Behaviour Data
  1. Behavioural data graphs
  2. Percentage of bounce rate
  3. View link depth
  4. Average session time
  5. Number of visitors to the site
  6. Mobile devices: traffic report
  7. Mobile devices: bounce rate report
  8. Mobile devices: visit time report
  9. Report on traffic data from different sources
  10. Report on bounce rates from different sources
  11. Page report on traffic
  12. Page report on bounce rate
  13. Report on traffic and bounce rates from different cities
  14. Report on traffic and bounce rate from different search engines
  15. Report on traffic and bounce rate for different key phrases
  16. List of search requests used to find your site in a one-year period
  17. Pages without traffic
  18. Report on traffic and bounce rates for ads
25 factors
Essential Landing Page elements
  1. Price
  2. "Buy" or "Order" button
  3. In stock
  4. Frequently bought together
  5. Similar/Related items
  6. Product feedback
  7. Price list
  8. Product photo
  9. Basket (at the top of the page)
  10. Compare with similar items
  11. New products
  12. Calculator
  13. Business Hours
  14. Google Maps
  15. Shipping Details and Information
  16. Protection with HTTPS protocol
  17. Facebook URL
  18. Payment methods
  19. Live chat
  20. Video
  21. Twitter URL
  22. Instagram URL
  23. LinkedIn URL
  24. YouTube URL
  25. Pinterest URL
6 factors
Link Analysis
  1. Report on the number of inbound and outbound internal links on the site 
  2. Excessive outbound link checker (>200)
  3. List of pages without outbound internal links
  4. Landing pages with insufficient inbound links report (< 5)
  5. List of links to other domains
  6. List of links with no anchor text
  1. Keyword suggestion tool
  2. Export your reports to XLS
  3. Import your key phrases, cluster analysis, and landing page URLs from CSV format
  4. Guest access to SEO audit
  5. Generate sitemap.xml with duplicate pages and pages blocked from indexing
  6. Highlights the text used for snippets
  7. Report on page and position changes
  8. Comparison reports