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Pages found that are indexable but not listed in sitemap.xml

These are pages that are indexable but are not specifically listed in the sitemap for crawling and indexing.

This error is the most benign of the sitemap errors but should be addressed to maximize the crawl budget allocated to your site by the search engines. As crawlers only have a finite amount of pages and time they can spend on certain pages, then it essential for you to make sure they only visit sites that are of SEO value to both your users and your website.

To rectify this issue, we recommend you add relevant, indexable pages to the sitemap or make sure to noindex thin pages and/or pages with little SEO value and PageRank. If our tool has found useful and indexable pages that should be included in your sitemap, then it would pay for you to check your sitemap generation tool settings to make sure it is configured correctly.

How to fix the issue?

As a rule of thumb, any indexable page should be included in the sitemap or should be made non-indexable if it has thin content or has little SEO benefit.

Once you have identified sites in this section of the sitemap validator, you can:

  1. Add the relevant pages to your sitemap or check your automated sitemap generation tool to ensure it is working properly.
  2. If there are any pages there that have little value in terms of SEO, or have thin content, you can noindex them.

Download Labrika’s error free sitemap.xml file

For each of the different sitemap error reports listed above, Labrika offers you the ability to download an error free, and corrected version of your sitemap.xml file. This should save you time correcting your own sitemap.xml file manually, and most importantly, make better use of your search engine crawl budgets.

Pages found that are indexable but not listed in sitemap.xml