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Pages without any traffic

This report shows pages on your site that have had no traffic to them for at least half a year. Labrika may show pages here in the “Pages without any traffic report” that contain content and should be being utilized to rank for keywords. These pages represent missed ranking and lost traffic opportunities that we pull directly from your Google Analytics data when synced with Labrika.

Likewise, while lots of pages with no traffic in the past 6 months can represent wasted ranking opportunities, they can also be a sign of “index bloat” on your site. I.e. Google is wasting time crawling and indexing these pages that get zero visits when you could be utilizing their crawl budget more efficiently by setting these dormant, low-quality pages to noindex that will ensure that Google is only focusing its crawl budget on worthwhile, high ranking pages on your site.

Labrika’s “Pages without any traffic” report

  1. List of pages without any traffic for the past 6 months.
  2. Traffic for the past six months: this value will be 0.

Note: This report can sometimes uncover pages with very strange link parameters. This can be for a multitude of reasons: strange linking and appending of parameters to URLs, malicious bots trying to find a way into your site. However, most of the time weird pages showing up here is normally caused by users saving a local version of their page to their computer to digest offline – as such, this report can provide useful additional information on how users a fully utilizing your site! This data is collated by Labrika but collected from Google, so we are simply showing items in this report directly from your Google Analytics.

How to best utilize our report

  1. If you see pages in this report that you believe could rank well for certain keywords, then we would primarily recommend that you SEO optimize these pages with new content focused on specific keywords, then point internal and external links to these pages, and then submit them in your search console for re-crawling. These set of actions will best set these pages up for success.

    If you notice pages that you have SEO optimized that have got no traffic then we would highly recommend you check to make sure you haven’t accidentally set the page/s to noindex for the past 6 months in error!
  2. If you notice pages in this report that are of no value to the user then I would recommend that you noindex them and submit to search engines for deletion, this would best optimize Google’s crawl budget on pages of value instead of wasting them on “index bloat” pages.

    It is very important that you set pages of little value to the user to noindex and ask the search engines to remove them in order to make sure that your ranking pages get the most visits and recrawls from Google’s crawlers!

How to fix the issue

If you have pages that have had no traffic for over half a year, then this may indicate that there are issues that need to be fixed. These pages can be a sign of index bloat. Meaning crawlers are wasting time crawling pages that aren't offering any tangible use to you.

To fix this:

  1. If you have pages that have no SEO value to you then noindex the pages and submit them for deletion to the search console. This would leave more crawl budget for the useful pages.
  2. If you think the pages could have the potential to rank well for certain keywords then SEO-optimize them. You can use our content optimizer to create well-crafted, keyword-optimized content. You should then be pointing both external and internal links to the page. The links pointing to them should be from relevant, non-spam pages. For internal links, it's better to link from pages as close to the homepage as possible, as these pass on more link authority.
  3. Check that you haven't erroneously set any pages to noindex, meaning they have been blocked from view from users and search engines.