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Adult content

Why is adult content bad for your SEO rankings?

Adult content is a complete no-no for sites that do not explicitly pertain to adult content related material. In other words, your site should not be containing any adult content if that is not the industry your website is in. Adult content can include but is not limited to any content that is; revealing, erotic and/or not suitable for viewing by children.

Such content is likely to be received poorly by both the visitor and search engines. Visitors are likely to view such content as inappropriate based on the expected content type seen on the rest of your site, and they will likely “bounce” from such webpages affecting both your behavioral metrics in Google analytics and potentially demoting your page if you are in the Top10, due to higher bounce rates (which are taken into account as ranking factors when in these Top10 spots in Google).

Search engines are also likely to flag your content as “adult”, which means that users will only be able to find your content if they have “SafeSearch” disabled in their search engine settings. This is especially bad for search rankings for most sites as Google by default leaves “SafeSearch” ON, and you have to manually disable this setting (which most normal users have no idea how to do) in order to see adult content.

It is not uncommon to see webpages lose Top10 ranking spots within a matter of days of Google crawling the page and finding “adult” related words in your content. Unfortunately, hackers and spammer also know this. Hackers may maliciously inject adult related content into your pages to negatively affect search rankings. Likewise, spammers may include adult content and links within your comments section and any other UGC (user-generated content) areas of your site.

As such, it is vital that you carefully comb through all of your site’s pages (paying special attention to those that bring you in the most traffic) to make sure that no adult content is present that could potentially destroy SERP rankings.

Luckily for you, Labrika has created a tool to make checking your site for adult content an absolute breeze ☺

Table of contents for the "adult content" report:

  1. Page URL where “adult content” has been found.

  2. Number and occurrences of “adult” words and phrases found on the page.

  3. Examples of “adult” words and phrases. We may have found multiple occurrences of these words and phrases on one single page, so the number of times a word or phrase has been used can be seen in p. 2 (above).

  4. We offer you the ability to see where such “adult” words and phrases are present in your pages HTML. All you have to do is click the button and a window will open showing you the exact location of the “adult” words or phrases. This feature makes it super easy for you to cross-compare your HTML with our tool and quickly find the location of the “adult” words and/or phrases that need to be removed.

How to fix the issue

Adult content should not be included on sites that do not specifically pertain to adult-related content. If adult content is found, your site risks demotion, a higher bounce rate (if users find the content offensive) and your page may also be hidden if users have 'SafeSearch' on.

Once any adult words/phrases have been identified, simply remove them from the pages.