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Pages with swear words

Why is such content dangerous?

Swear words include foul language, insults, obscene words and similar content that causes negative reaction in users. The presence of negative content is extremely undesirable for the website unless it is related to this subject. It can lead to exclusion of the resource from the public results of search engines. Besides, the presence of such content frightens away visitors and has a negative effect on the website’s conversion rate. First of all, negative content must be detected and deleted from mass media, commercial resources and websites intended for children.

Content of "Negative content" report:

  1. Page URL where the content was found.
  2. Number of the words and phrases found on the page.
  3. Detected words. They can appear on one page several times, so their number is indicated separately.
  4. A button for double-checking the data in the page content. When you click it, there is a window showing the location of swear words.