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Collaborate on projects together

This is perfect for those of you that have multiple people working on the SEO for your sites, and would like to afford certain permissions and abilities to different employees and freelancers.

This will allow them to work alongside you in Labrika, without running the risk of them having full admin privileges like you. We give you granular control over what permissions are granted, and which are not.

To give another user access to your project, simply click on the icon in the right-hand menu below:

Likewise, you can also click on the icon in the list of sites below to bring up the same menu:

A window will then open for you to enter the user's email address. You can also select what permissions to grant them in the same window.

Once completed, the specified user will then receive an email with an invitation to collaborate with you on Labrika. Once the invitation has been accepted, they will see your site in their list of projects.

All projects that you have granted access to will be indicated accordingly:

You can change permissions granted and/or remove access completely, at any time.