The report provides information on traffic and bounce rate for the cities from which the site was visited. You need to connect the Google Analytics counter to the Labrika service to obtain the data.

Contents of the report

  1. The name of the city.
  2. The number of users from the city.
  3. The bounce rate from this city in the search engine. It is calculated as the percentage of bounces relative to the total number of visits from that city. A bounce is considered as the immediate departure of a visitor from the site without viewing any other pages.
  4. The number of lost users (who stopped interacting with the site).

Using the report

The report shows which cities provided the largest number of visitors and which ones delivered the highest bounce rate. Parameters deviating from the norm are highlighted in red. Using this data, you can track inappropriate traffic, such as from cities in which you do not provide your services.

See which keywords got into the TOP-10 in these cities and edit the copy to reduce traffic from these cities if possible. This will improve the behavioral performance of the entire site and positively affect the rank of the entire site.

High bounce rate for some regions

This report shows the bounce rate by city/ region. Any anomalies (e.g., if there is an abnormally large bounce rate) will be shown in red. This then indicates that you may need to change the keywords being used.

For example, if you are using local keywords such as 'Pizza in Los Angeles' but then your location is in New York, users will instantly bounce back as this has a local intent that isn't being fulfilled.

Reduce traffic from these cities by removing any non-useful local keywords from the copy.