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Labrika’s AI-led SEO toolset
134 000+ Websites SEO optimized
184 700 000+ Keywords processed
664 200 000+ SEO errors found
4 973 Average errors found per site

Why marketers 💙 Labrika?

Value for money

We level the playing field in SEO and make sure there are no barriers to success with our fair and affordable pricing model.

Intuitive UI and UX

We make sure every single feature in our AI-led SEO toolset is intuitive to use and doesn’t require prior experience to utilise.

24/7 Expert support

Our SEO support experts are just a message away and are available 24/7 to answer anything and everything related to Labrika and SEO

Our AI-led SEO Auditor checks over 230+ critical ranking factors and provides all of its findings in one highly detailed, yet easy to action report

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or even have experience in SEO) to understand our SEO Auditor report. We provide you with an ultra-actionable SEO report with each error accompanied by a simple and easy to understand explanation tooltip.

AI-led SEO Auditor

Labrika’s Interactive Content Optimizer makes creating and optimizing your content for top 10 rankings an absolute breeze

Optimize your website with our
Site Auditor reporting tool

We check your websites’ pages against each and every known Google update to make sure your content is always SEO optimized site-wide for the latest algorithm iteration.

We also check your content to make sure it is not being penalised directly for known SEO transgressions or indirectly due to hidden crawlability and indexing errors (all reports are white-label and agency friendly).

Site Auditor
Interactive Content Optimizer tool

Create SEO optimized content with our Interactive Content Optimizer tool

Our AI-led Content Optimizer helps you create the perfect piece of content to rank for your desired keywords, based solely on critical recommendations derived from the content characteristics, words, and structure of the top 10 competitors’ pages for each keyword.

Checks include LSI, TF-IDF, KD, keywords missing that are crucial to rank in the top 10, CTR optimization, H1 optimization and much more.

Check your amplified rankings with our Advanced Rank Checker

So, now you’ve optimized your entire site in 1/ and implemented advanced keyword optimization in 2/, it’s time to keep an eye on those rankings.

Use our Advanced Rank Checker to automatically find landing pages that keywords rank on and then automatically organize them in an easy to read table.

You can manually check keyword rankings and/or set up automatic keyword ranking checks with +100,000 different combinations of search engine country & locations available.

Advanced Rank Checker

Labrika is tailor-made for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Dutch sites

More languages coming soon!

Labrika is pretty damn great (4.88 review rating), but don’t just take our word for it


Excellent Tool For SEo

if you are working SEO or have sites with main traffic from google- SEO- this tool is a must-have tool

it really shows me any mistakes on the sites or any wrong points that happen after changing the theme or make any change in the setting or in the content

buy this one and you will never regret


Amazing Technical SEO Audit

If you're an agency, drop whatever you're doing and buy this now! The new white-label technical SEO report is incredible. I've tried just about everything on the market and Labrika's PDF report (along with other included files inside the zip) hits the sweet spot between providing enough technical audit information while simultaneously looking very professional.

At the moment, the technical SEO audit is my use case. Here are some things I would like to see in regards to improvements:

  • I need a way to save my company name, logo, etc. It's a pain to input this for each audit.
  • I need a way to input multiple domains for analysis quickly. The current method of putting one in, specifying the keyword, location, search engine, etc., is painfully slow.
  • I need a way to auto send the finished report to a location. Ideally, Labrika would integrate with Zapier/Pabbly/etc to let me send the report to AirTable or somewhere else.
  • Icing on the cake would be a more customizable report. But at the moment is looks very professional so I'm happy.


I think Labrika is a fantastic tool for generating very detailed technical SEO audits. Don't miss out!


Great tool, now what?

This tool found many errors which could be why I'm having a difficult time catching up to my competitors.

The only issue is that I have no idea how to fix all of them-I have over 1000 errors deemed critical.

Would love it if some expert SEOs partnered with Labrika (at an affordible price) so that we Sumolings who either don't have time, or don't know how, could get these errors fixed!

Labrika will help you fix the errors by guiding you. But who else wants a "done for you" option? :-)

Pick a Plan that suits you best
All Labrika features included
30-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Additional Site Auditor Features

  • Ability to compare the number of your site’s pages that are indexed by Google vs the number of pages our crawler can find (useful for identifying any indexing issues) and also the ability to see exactly how many pages you have that are explicitly blocked from crawling and indexation.
  • Security checkers: SSL checker, SSL valid until, SSL self-signed status, Domain listing in SSL, Trusted SSL status, HTTPS redirection status, 443 port hidden, IP blacklist status.
  • Website availability and crawlability tests: Preferred URL, Common user-agent tester, World-wide site availability, Document size, Cloaking checks, Desktop and mobile site response checker, Domain name takes users to your site only checker, and Mobile redirection checker.
  • Domain and Hosting stats: Domain age, Expiration, Nameservers, IP address, Hosting location.
  • Server response and resource checkers: 5xx errors, URL answered errors, Pages with error notices and PHP messages, Correct 404 response when pages are not found, Fixed www and root domain URL’s, Pages not found, JS, CSS, and IMG loading errors.
  • Robots.txt error and availability checker.